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History of Old School Family Fitness

2001: Running for a non-profit seemed like the hot thing to do in that year. So, I said to myself if I am going to raise money running in an event I am going all out. Let's do a full triathlon. Had done a couple sprint triathlons, but nothing serious. So, I start training. Then, bang, setback. Broken tibia. The doctors say I am done for a year. I say no surgery and they keep manipulating the shin week by week to see if it shifted and recasting. This is in May 2001. My first full distance race in Florida is in November. To say the least I am disappointed. But, as I started to heal, and started crutching around, I started saying, why can't I prove everyone wrong and do a full triathlon 6 months after I broke my shin. During the casting and crutching period, I ran soccer camps, printed t-shirts went to the Kentucky Derby. It was actually a rest from all of those years of constant soccer. It was kind of a relief. So, two months after breaking it, I had my business partner and his Dad cut it off with a household saw. Yup, we sawed through the cast and cut it off and then I could swim. I used veclro to attach it back on. The doctors weren't happy and said I am doing permanent damage to my leg. Oh well, it is worth it.

I actually did a sprint triathlon and crawled up the the start, ripped my cast off and then swam and then hopped out of the water and velcroed the cast back on and then pedaled one legged on the bike and then my business partner ran for me. I was well on my way.

November rolls around and I basically limp on the right leg, but I am determined to give it a go. I start with the swim and it goes pretty well. Then I jump on my 1989 Fuji Tiera, fluorescent tie-dye pink with the shifters underneath the frame and start pedaling only to hear the crowd chanting "OLD SCHOOL" "OLD SCHOOL" I was like who are they talking to, my ride is sweet, but then as I was racing I realized my bike was ANCIENT TO SAY THE LEAST. I guess that is where Old School started and now it has progressed or regressed from there.

12/21/2001: My best time ever actually with a broken shin.

From here, I started thinking I am a freak of nature and that I can do anything without training. Year 2, 2 hours slower and I urinate blood after the race. Year three, vomit during and after the race, year 4 flate tire, year five just slow, year six even slower. And I am using a up to date bike and wet suit. So, in true "Old School" fashion

I come to the conclusion, this is getting to stale, I need to make a little incentive for myself and spice this up. "What if I could finish a full triathlon on a BMX?"

I called up Mark Marshall, from South Lake Bicycles in Minneola Florida and he says sure, without blinking an eye. He builds it, I fly down to Florida to try it out and I say, there is no way I can ride this and maintain the minimum speed to make the cutoff time. But, again, I am not normal and I love this unique challenge.

Yes, I did it and I have done it 3 times now. This year marks the 4th or many to come. 2010 is the year of the "Old School" Ten in 10 is born.

2011:  2010 was an exciting and draining year.  Basically trained by racing.  2011 will be more laid back with the bulk of racing in Florida.  Disney half triathlon, and all the Clermont races including the Great Floridian which my good fiend Sonny Fornoles will be completing his first Old School full triathlon on a Redline BMX.  I can't wait to be beaten by him, because he is an excellent triathlete who has completed many full distance triathlons. 

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