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Groveland, Fla. -- Glen Jusczyk didn't know he was the only person in the world competing in endurance events like triathlons using low-cost, retro gear. He just knows doing it "Old School" is what gets him on the bike, in the pool and on the road. To bring attention to affiliated non-profit organizations, Glen completed "10 in '10", a series of 10 major endurance events including two full triathlons in 2010.

"I did a full triathlon using a pretty crummy bike and as I went by, spectators started chanting 'old school.' It was funny! But then, it kind of clicked for me. Doing it this way is fun for me! And like most people, I can only stick with stuff that's fun," Glen said. Glen competes "Old-School style" to inspire others to realize that fitness is within the reach of everyone.

"Old-school style" means Glen completes full triathlons by swimming - without a wetsuit - in cargo shorts and goggles; riding a single-speed BMX bike and wearing a skateboard helmet, cargo shorts and a 50/50 tee ALL BLACK; and running in the same gear, cross trainers and a trucker cap, flipped backward.

Want to join Team Old School.  Just email or call me.  You don't have to do what I do, just do what makes you comfortable.  That's Old School!

Old School Family Fitness 
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